Hello Ingunn!

Hello Ingunn!
Where do you live?
I live in Fetsund, a small village right outside of Oslo, Norway.

What’s your dream knitting destination?
Shetland Wool Week! The location, history, traditions and variety of shows make this a  spectacular event, I think.

Do you have any knitting superpowers?
If you make mistakes and you won’t call it a design feature - frog it at once. You will not start to like it later on, it will only get worse.

What is your favorite color?
I often gravitate towards pinks, purples and saturated greens.

How many Westknits projects do you think you have made?
My first Westknits project was Chevron Shenanigans knitted early 2018. From that moment I was hooked on Westknits designs. The playfulness in the designs, lots of new techniques, no limits when it comes to colors and yarn.
Since then I have made 25 Westknits shawls. I love them all. Some are even worn by ballerinas at the Norwegian National Ballet as warm up wear!

Do you have a favorite Westknits design or a favorite one that you wear the most?
The one I use the most is Rosy Blooms, due to the happy marriage of West Wool Bicycle and Hedgehog Alpaca Boucle. The fabric is awesome. If I have to choose a favorite design, I think that will be the Chrysler. The photography in Westknits Bestknits Number 3 is so inspiring, and my partner willingly copied most of the poses for the Chrysler shawl, giving me some fun images for my Instagram page. He has modeled all my Westknits projects and has his own hashtag #jørntheknitwearmodel on Instagram.

Do you make one project at a time, or do you have several WIP's on your needles?
I am mainly a monogam knitter, but I often cast on a new project in the middle of the previous. Then I’m good to go immediately after cast off. 

If you could describe your knitting style in three words, what would they be?
Intense, always and everywhere.

Do you have any favorite knitting moments?
I learned to knit as a child. My grandma knitted both adult garments, toys and clothes for our dolls. She didn’t use patterns but always knew from the yarn and needles how many stitches to cast on, and how to do raglan or round yokes. Stranded colourwork was not at problem either. And my mum has now, at the age of 90, taken a huge interest in knitted toys and has learned to read and use english patterns. They both gave me the knowledge and interest for the art of knitting.