Hello Natasha!

Hello Natasha!

Hi, my name is Natasha but people just call me as Tash. I live in the West Midlands, UK and you can find me on Instagram as Peepinggoat and on Ravelry as Natashajackson

What’s your dream knitting destination? Oh I have a few! I’d love to visit Stephen & Penelope of course and knit all around Amsterdam. Iceland is very high on my list, as the views look absolutely amazing. I’d grab a cuppa tea and just sit for hours in a beautiful location. Rhinebeck is also high on my list, being surrounded by amazing people who are just as excited about yarn and creating beautiful pieces as you is a wonderful thing. 

Do you have any knitting superpowers? I absolutely love putting yarns and colours together, it’s one of my favorite things. When I see a pattern that I’m drawn to, I can sit for hours and just play with all the different tones, fibres and textures. I enjoy the beginning process as much as the making journey. 

What is your favorite colour to knit with? This is so hard to choose, I don’t really have one. For me it’s more about how I’m feeling at the time, what I’m naturally drawn to and what makes me happy. Currently I’d say green tones and oranges. 

How many Westknits projects have you made? I have made 8 finished pieces and currently have 3 WIPs. All of them are for myself, I couldn’t bear to part with them, plus I’m a total selfish knitter when it comes to these knits. I do gift hats and smaller projects but shawls are all for me. 

Do you have a favorite Westknits design? My favorite design is probably Vertices Unite because it was my first Westknits pattern that started me on my shawl journey. The different sections are so clear and the way the colours play with each other is lovely. 

If you could describe your knitting style in three words, what would they be? Cozy, mindful, creative. 

What is your most memorable knitting moment? I went to Edinburgh Yarn Festival and it was such a wonderful day. So many beautiful yarns, great atmosphere and people, and I got to meet Stephen which was a knitting dream.