Brioche Pup Sweater Workshop

Brioche Pup Sweater Workshop
Knit a beautiful brioche sweater for your pup with my new workshop! This wonderful workshop includes step by step video tutorials to help you create the cutest cozy sweater for your pup. 
You will learn how to…
  • Choose the right yarn
  • Select the right size
  • Knit the entire sweater with clear step by step video tutorials for each section
  • I-cord Cast On & Bind Off
  • Knit 2-color brioche in the round
  • Brioche increase
  • Cable Cast On
  • Weave in ends for brioche
  • Customize the size of the sweater to perfectly fit your pooch
 You will also receive…
  • Brioche Pup Sweater pattern
Workshop Features
  • €40 workshop fee (+VAT for EU/UK) includes 2 hours of video content!
  • Watch the lessons at any time and as many times as you want.
  • Filmed in English
  • Engage in the interactive Discussion Thread feature to ask questions and make comments during each video.
  • Captions in English are included as an option with each video.