Hey there Westknitters! Do you ever get stuck on one of my patterns and need a little help? It happens!

Lots of support and help can be found on my Ravelry Group forums, where you will find a forum set up for most of my popular patterns. You'll also find some lovely people to geek out about knitting with there! You can also find tips, tricks & tutorials at Stephen West on Youtube

My older patterns have been knit enough times that they are generally error-free. But sometimes new patterns can have small errors, despite being tested and tech edited. Sometimes new patterns have small errors that are relatively insignificant. Heck, I'm human too! If you have a question that you otherwise can't find an answer to, please get in touch with us and we'll do our very best to help!

The email is for inquiries relating to knitting any Stephen West pattern.




BO: bind off

CO: cast on

cs: center stitch

k: knit

k2tog: knit 2 sts together

kfb: knit into front and back of stitch 

m: marker

m1: (make one) increase one stitch using the backwards loop cast on method

M1L: (make one left) with left needle, lift strand between sts from the front, knit through the back loop 





M1R: (make one right) with left needle, lift strand between sts from the back, knit through the front loop p: purl

p2tog: purl 2 sts together

p3tog: purl 3 sts together

pfb: purl into front and back of stitch 

pm: place marker

rnd/s: round/s

RS: right side

sl: slip stitch purl-wise unless instructed otherwise

slm: slip marker

ssk: slip slip knit




st/s: stitch/es

tbl: through back loop

w&t: (wrap and turn) Bring yarn to front as if you are about to purl, slip one stitch purl-wise. Turn work to other side. Strand of yarn is now in back of work. Bring yarn to the front, slip one stitch back to right needle. Continue to knit or purl the next stitch as instructed.

WS: wrong side 

wyib: with yarn in back 

wyif: with yarn in front 

yfwd: yarn forward 

yo: yarn over