Dustland Designs

Dustland Designs

It's finally here— the highly requested Dustland e-book! Dustland Designs features a fully knitted wardrobe with easy-to-knit textured stitches. This gansey-inspired collection is so much fun to knit and will keep you (and your dog!) cozy and stylish. This 11-piece e-book is a 73 EUR value available for 40 EUR (excl. VAT for EU countries)! This e-book includes these Westknits patterns... 

Dustland Hat

Dustland Shawl

Dustland Triangle

Dustland Blanket

Dustland Socks

Dustland Cowl

Dustland Sweater

Dustland Cardigan

Dustland Mitts

Dustland Legwarmers

Dustland Dog Sweater