Hi! My name is Kristian and I live on the island of Fyn in Denmark. You can find me on Instagram and Ravelry as crave4it.

What’s your dream knitting destination? Visiting Iceland with Stephen and seeing the amazing creations and meeting all the prolific knitters there would be amazing.

Do you have any knitting superpowers? I am not the fastest - but it is mainly because of time restraints since I have a full time job and family. But when I knit it goes quite fast. A specific technique that I love is when I knit with two colors I knit one strand continental and the other I throw - this makes me go as fast as when I use just one color. Locally I teach knitting classes and I guess a superpower is being able to teach anyone how to get started easily :)

What is your favorite color? I almost always gravitate towards really saturated deep or vibrant blues - my eyes are very blue so it compliments them if I wear something similar.

How many Westknits projects have you made? I think about 10-20 so far, mostly shawls. I will always wear it myself first and then after 6 months to a year I gift it to women in my family or close friends. I have made a lot of hats for my grandmother.

Do you have a favorite Westknits design? Usually the last one is my favorite - but I am most proud of my Slipping Tiles, it came out perfect and I wear it often. I have made several Askews Me Dickey's.

Where do you store all of your gorgeous yarn? I have a "knitting room" but right now it is not so organised - mostly I keep the yarn for a project in its bag and move it around with me. I love my Resting Knit Face tote and use it every day.

Do you work on one project at a time or do you have several WIP's on your needles? Always several - right now I am not sure just how many. But I have a complicated/interesting one plus a pair of socks going all the time. So no matter what mood I'm in there's always something to knit.