Hello Laura!

Hello Laura!

This month’s Westknitter of the World is Laura, who lives in Los Angeles, California. You can take a look at all of her beautiful, colourful knits over on Instagram and Ravelry as 1010winds. 

What’s your dream knitting destination?

Amsterdam to visit Stephen & Penelope in person, of course!

Do you have any knitting superpowers? 

I think I'm pretty good at putting colors together. Especially when there's room for a big variety, which is probably why I love Westknits so much. I love to use scrap yarns to make gradients and rainbows and then find patterns they'll work in, like Bubbles & Brioche or the Cabled Trellis Cowl. I'm planning a Melting Marl Scarf in 2023 to really use up my scraps and minis.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is a bright yellow-green - pretty much exactly like La Bien Aimee's Kokko colorway. My front door is even painted that color! I used it in my Twists & Turns last year and in a Hiberknitting Hat. I also like darker shades of green with yellow undertones, like West Wool's Green Olive. I used it as the main color in my Painting Stripes shawl and it looks so good in contrast with all the pink and purple scraps I pulled for the contrast stripes.

How many Westknits projects have you made?

I've made about 50 Westknits projects so far. I've probably given about half of them away as gifts or raffled them off to raise money for social justice organizations I wanted to support. I have a whole spreadsheet on my computer of the other Westknits designs I'm planning to make in the future. Fortunately I don't think I'll ever run out.

Do you have a favorite Westknits design?

It's impossible to pick a favorite Westknits design!! I think the one I've worn the most is my Modish Cowl that I made over a decade ago now. That was my go-to winter cowl when I lived in New York City and walked everywhere. I got so many compliments on it because the volume is so striking and it looks so cozy. Aside from that I would say Vertices Unite (the only pattern I've made more than once) or Painting Stripes. It's so fun to see how the colors play with each other in those patterns.

Do you a memorable knitting moment?

One of my favorite knitting moments (two actually) was when I was a contestant on Jeopardy in 2021. Between the rounds of the game, the host asks each contestant to share a fun fact about themselves. On my first episode I shared that while I'm knitting constantly, I have a wool sensitivity so actually can't wear most of what I make. I ended up winning two games, so when I filmed my third episode the host asked me about knitting again. I shared that I have a tattoo of a ball of yarn on my arm. It sort of blends in with the rest of my tattoos, but knitting people tend to notice it. One time I went into an LYS and they spotted it immediately and asked to take a photo for their Instagram. Shoutout to Wild Fiber in Santa Monica, California!

Another favorite knitting moment was when I made a Painting Honeycombs Hat to match the cover of my second book when it was published in 2021. I'm currently writing another book and can't wait to find another Westknits pattern I can coordinate with the cover design someday.