Hello Nacho!

Hello Nacho!

What is your name? 

My name is Nacho Rodriguez. 

Where do you live? 

I live in Victoria, Canada. 

What’s your dream knitting destination? 

I’ve been wanting to visit the UK and explore some wool farms and yarn manufacturers (like TOFT). 

Do you have any knitting superpowers?

None that I know of. I take knitting one stitch at a time. 

Favorite color?

When I started knitting most of my wardrobe was full of blues, purples and gray but since I started knitting Westknits patterns, I started becoming more daring and varied and now my yarn stash is full of neons and if I like a color, I’ll wear it!

Do you keep your yarn in a special place, or is it displayed throughout your home? A few years back I bought a hanging shoe rack and put it on my living room. This way I can always admire it while the skeins await their turn to become fabric.

Your knitting style in three words

Adventurous. Colourful. Punchy

How many Westknits projects do you think you have made? 

I’ve made almost 50 Westknits projects. Mostly hats, have been presents to friends and all the others are mine, all mine… I love wearing my shawls and often get compliments on them. 

Favorite Westknits design? 

It’s difficult to pick just one, I love Sports Shorts, I wore them to Pride one year and got a number of compliments (and invitations). My first Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) was Marled Magic Shawl.  Clockwork in Brioche was the first time I tried that stitch and loved it. The Askews Me shawl and SweaterTexture Time… like I said, too many to pick just one.