Hello SCOTT!

Hello SCOTT!

Where do you live?
I live in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia - in a cute suburb called Newtown. 

What’s your dream knitting destination?
I think it would have to be a full round the world yarn tour. Starting in Amsterdam, continue in Paris and later on heading to the UK. From there it would be NYC. A little stop off in Belingham, Washington and Great Falls, Montana.

I think I'd need some time in Bali, relaxing by the pool, with some knitting on hand!

Do you have any knitting superpowers? 
I think I am pretty speedy.

Describe your knitting style in three words! 
Bold * Fun * Colourful

Favorite color?
It used to be blue. But since I've become a knitter, I am not sure! I seem to be on a purple / blue / orange phase at the moment. 

How many Westknits projects do you think you have made? 
Somewhere in the region of 15-20 pieces - some I've made more than once. 

Do you have a favorite Westknits design?
I keep returning to Pierre. There's something magical about it's simplicity. I think it's a perfect introduction to Westknits pattern.

What do you want to make next?
Quadrangle Spires! When I get it done, I will totally make my own with Spin Cycle. I just need to finish Eyelex, Pierre No. 4, and Slipstravaganza no.2 first!

Do you have any other favorite knitting moments or stories you would like to include?
I work as a nurse in Palliative Care - and I have many, many lovely older patients who love to chat about knitting, or see what I am working on. I've been gifted bags of yarn from family members after patient's have passed - which is also quite a lovely gift. 

I wore a knitting brooch to a 5 stage job interview once, and it created so many openings at each stage because it opened up conversation.

I've also met some lovely older women on trains and busses - which is always pretty nice and cute. I really cherish memories of sitting by the pool in Bali - whilst it's 35 degrees and 90% humidity and knitting. 

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