Hello Simona!

Hello Simona!

What is your name?

Simona Biolghini 

Where do you live?

In a small town on the amazing lake Iseo - Italy - Province Bergamo 

What’s your dream knitting destination?

When I dream of knitting I have no limit destination, I can imagine everything and everywhere.

Do you any knitting superpowers?

I don’t think I have superpowers, even if all my friends say I do! I like playing with colors that are daring in their combinations. That’s what sometimes makes the difference in a project.

Tell me a bit about your favorite color.

GREEN — When I see something green, I must have it and this can become a problem above all if I see a wall of green yarns! 

How many Westknits projects do you think you have made?

I made 23 Westknits patterns - twice I have knitted the Penguono and the Fantastitch shawl 3 times as gifts.

Do you have a favorite Westknits design or a favorite one that you wear the most?

Really difficult question! I love my Slipstravaganza, Texture Time and Shawlography shawls and wear my Penguono and Brioche Breeze Jackets often.

Do you make one project at a time or do you have several WIP's on your needles? 

I would like to cast on a new project every day... I try to concentrate on a single project when I have something important on my needles and want to see it completed, but yes I cannot resist and I always have several WIP's.

If you could describe your knitting style in three words, what would they be?


Do you have a favorite knitting moment?

I will never forget the moment I knitted my Fantastitch shawl together with 3 friends of mine during the first lockdown in Italy in March 2020. Here in Bergamo we had a lot of suffering , despair and loss. This knitting project joined us and helped us to keep going on...I still remember the day we could meet again after 4 months : we wore our shawls and in that moment I thought life could have no better colors!