Exciting news - the second clue of this year's Mystery Knit Along is here and I'm so excited to watch all of your stunning shawls grow! Your wonderful color palettes are already starting to shine and things are only going to get better with the next section of your Twists & Turns masterpiece. Are you ready for the stunning and unexpected twists and turns in part two of this MKAL adventure?

Still got some questions about the MKAL? Be sure to check out our FAQs where most questions about the MKAL will be answered. If you still have a question after reading the FAQs you can contact my lovely team at If you have specific questions about your MKAL kit, they should be directed to and any pattern related questions can be emailed to

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Where's my clue?

The Clue 2 PDF includes all the instructions you need for the first section. You will receive your clue PDF...

    •    in your Ravelry inbox if you purchased the pattern on Ravelry

    •    via email if you purchased the pattern on Ravelry or

    •    in your Ravelry library. Click on the "update" link under the pattern in your Ravelry library to download the new PDF.

Check your email spam folder too just in case! If you cannot find the PDF update in any of these locations, please email us at and we will make sure you get your PDF updates.

Wonderful Westknitter WIPs

...on Instagram

What I love about the MKAL is that we can all support and inspire each other along the way and this community feel makes knitting the shawl so much more fun. It's been incredible to see the beginnings of your projects and to watch your chosen colorways starting to glisten whilst your shawl takes shape. Keep sharing your lovely knits by using the hashtags #WestknitsMKAL2022 and #TwistsAndTurnsMKAL so that we can all admire your mystery shawl! When posting on Instagram please post your knitted WIP as the second photo on a multi-photo post to prevent spoilers, as we all knit at different paces.

...on Ravelry

Join the Twists & Turns MKAL Ravelry group here for discussion threads each week! Please use the Mystery Shawl KAL square photo, the MKAL logo, or a photo of your un-knit yarn as the first photo on your Ravelry project page throughout the month of October to avoid spoiler images. 

Get ready for clue 3!

I can't believe we're halfway already! Are you already looking forward to the next instalment? The third clue will be delivered to your email or Ravelry inbox on the 20th October when the next part of the pattern will be released. Thursdays are fast becoming my favorite day of the week!