The fourth and final clue for MKAL 2022 is here! Get ready to embark on the last twists and turns of this Westknits adventure as the stunning shawl is revealed in all its glory. Each twist and turn in this year's mystery shawl has been so much fun, full of stitches and techniques you already love or are trying for the first time. Which part of this Westknits knitting adventure has been your favorite? If you're already thinking about your post-MKAL cast on, then enjoy 20% off all my previous MKAL patterns until Sunday with the code MYSTERY20. Happy knitting!

If you have still got some questions about the MKAL be sure to check out our FAQs where most questions about the MKAL will be answered. If you still have a question after reading the FAQs you can contact my lovely team at If you have questions about your MKAL kit, they should be directed to and any pattern related questions can be emailed to

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Where's my clue?

The Clue 4 PDF includes all the instructions you need for the fourth section. You will receive your clue 4 PDF...

    •    in your Ravelry inbox if you purchased the pattern on Ravelry

    •    via email if you purchased the pattern on Ravelry or

    •    in your Ravelry library. Click on the "update" link under the pattern in your Ravelry library to download the new PDF.

Check your email spam folder too just in case! If you cannot find the PDF update in any of these locations, please email us at and we will make sure you get your PDF updates.

Wonderful Westknitter WIPs

on Instagram...

I have so much fun browsing the #WestknitsMKAL2022 and #TwistsAndTurnsMKAL hashtags on Instagram and feel so inspired by all of your gorgeous knits-in-progress. There are so many unique color palettes this year that look beautiful with all of the shawl's twists and turns. When posting on Instagram please post your knitted WIP as the second photo on a multi-photo post to prevent spoilers as we all knit at different paces. Remember to embrace your own pace!

on Ravelry...

Join the Twists & Turns MKAL Ravelry group for discussion threads of each clue! You can join the MKAL 2022 Ravelry group here. Please use the Mystery Shawl KAL square photo, the MKAL logo, or a photo of your un-knit yarn as the first photo on your Ravelry project page to avoid spoiler images. 

Mystery History

Dreaming about your next cast on? Was Twists & Turns your first MKAL shawl or are you looking to expand your collection? This year is my 13th annual MKAL shawl which means there are so many wonderful mystery shawls for you to cast on. The very first MKAL was the Earth & Sky shawl in 2011. This simple triangular shape was the beginning of the Mystery Shawl series. No two MKAL shawls have been the exact same shape. They all vary with different construction styles and proportions. Take a look at some of the previous designs to get inspired and choose your favorite MKAL shawl to add to your MKAL shawl family!  

Enjoy 20% off all 12 previous MKAL shawl patterns with the coupon code MYSTERY20 in your shopping cart until the end of Sunday. You can view all 12 previous MKAL patterns on Ravelry here.