Natasha is the creative mastermind behind Artemis Yarns. She grew up in an artistic household in Toulouse, France meaning her childhood was filled with museums, antique sculptures, paintings, and greek mythology.
Artemis Yarns is the combination of Natasha’s multiple inspirations. Natasha’s dyeing process is deeply rooted in her love for paintings, literature, architecture, and pop culture. Natasha is especially captivated when working on satisfying fades, making her colour palette perfect for that lovely faded project you have in mind. We especially love her attention to detail with all of the subtle speckles and nuanced tonal colourways. You're sure to find a harmonious palette and beautifully blended colour progressions with their vast array of hand dyed colourways.
Artemis Yarns is all about delicate yet vibrant colours with an eclectic range of gorgeous flowery pops of pastels and deeper tones. We cannot wait for you to discover the majestic colour story told by Natasha’s skeins this YAL season.
Natasha is very conscious about using the best quality and most ecological wool she can, sourcing fibre that has been ethically farmed and is mulesing-free.
Natasha’s favourite flower is the Hellebore, a one-of-a-kind winter bloom ranging from white to a rich dark burgundy.