Hiberknitalong 2022

Hiberknitalong 2022

It's time for our third annual Westknits Hiberknitalong! If you've loved knitting the MKAL and are looking for a cozy project to knit your way through the chillier weather then this year's HKAL will be your perfect cast on. There's something extra special about a knit along during the festive season, with everybody coming together and knitting away on a wonderful wintery pattern. The HKAL pattern, gorgeous kits, and Hiberknitting 3 book will all be launching on the 4th November as we prepare to cast on together on the 26th December.

This year's Hiberknitalong (or HKAL) features a beautiful new semi-circular shawl design called Aurora Cabin Shawl. The Aurora Cabin Shawl features five fingering weight colors striped together with slipped stitches and stripes. This stunning design is suitable for adventurous beginners and seasoned Westknits shawl knitters alike. We will begin knitting along on the 26th December, so now is the time to start planning your kit choices or gift a Hiberknitalong kit to a friend for the holidays! 

3 Wonderful Ways to Join the HKAL

Wondering how you can get involved and get your needles stuck into this year's HKAL?

🌲 Collect a kit at Stephen & Penelope on November 4 at 16:00 Amsterdam time. Each kit contains all the yarn you need to knit the Aurora Cabin Shawl. HKAL kits include the print Hiberknitting 3 book + digital e-book code for all Hiberknitting patterns including the Aurora Cabin Shawl + lots of cozy HKAL goodies!

🌲 Collect the Hiberknitting 3 e-book on Ravelry or westknits.com and use any yarn you like to knit the Aurora Cabin Shawl!

🌲 Collect the single PDF pattern of the Aurora Cabin Shawl and use yarn from your stash!

Cozy HKAL Kits at Stephen & Penelope

I've put together some gorgeously cozy kits especially for the HKAL that will be launching on the 4th November at 16:00 Amsterdam time at stephenandpenelope.com. This year I collaborated with Life in the Long Grass to create two stunning Aurora Cabin Shawl palettes. One palette is an icy winter wonderland of cool blue and lavender tones, whilst the other is a fiery warm palette inspired by those cozy evenings knitting in front of the fire. These colorways are new custom colors, dyed especially for the Hiberknitalong on Life in the Long Grass' lusciously soft Merino Singles base. 

I've also curated a rainbow assortment of other various HKAL kits to inspire and ignite your Aurora Cabin Shawl projects. Set your alarm for 16:00 on the 4th November to make sure you get your hands on your perfect HKAL kit!

We will begin shipping HKAL packages to you by the end of November, so you can receive your warm winter kit in plenty of time before the December 26 cast on date. Check out our FAQ page for more HKAL details.

Each kit contains...
🌲 5 colors of yarn to knit the Aurora Cabin Shawl
🌲 Hiberknit candle to keep you cozy while you knit
🌲 Notions Nest (set of 3) to house your stitch markers, tapestry needles, and other notions
🌲 Hiberknitting 3 book + digital e-book download code with 8 new Westknits patterns including the Aurora Cabin Shawl pattern

The Hiberknitting 3 Book is almost here!

The Aurora Cabin Shawl is featured in my newest book called Hiberknitting 3, which also launches November 4th at 16:00 Amsterdam time. Hiberknitting 3 is overflowing with knitispiration with 8 warm winter designs including a sweater, jacket, socks, 2 hats, cowl, scarf, and the Aurora Cabin Shawl. This beautiful volume will be available to purchase separately at Stephen & Penelope this Friday! Each Hiberknitting 3 print book includes a digital download code for the individual pattern PDF's. All the beautiful single patterns will also be available to collect individually this Friday on Ravelry and westknits.com.

HKAL History

This year will be our third annual Hiberknitalong and I can't wait for you to join me for another fun and relaxing knit along as we learn exciting techniques and create a beautiful new shawl together. In the 2020 Hiberknitalong, the Winter Lights Shawl, little slip stitch dots and bubbles frame the larger sections and a colorful honeycomb section fills the middle of the shawl. Last year's Hiberknitalong was the Cabled Trellis Shawl where self-striping contrast colors create an eye-catching diamond motif. 

Winter Lights Shawl

Cabled Trellis Shawl