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  • This is a PDF knitting pattern

    This semi-circular shawl uses two colors striped together with playful stitch patterns and a pop color border for a small size. Stripe each section with different colors as shown in the large size sample. 

    The instructions include garter stitch, seed stitch, knit ‘n slide, brioche, and lace patterns with graphic stripes. Use a color pop or stripes for the feather and fan border to finish this splashy top-down shawl design.

  • Size
    Small (Large)

    Finished Measurements
    20 (26)“ / 51 (66)cm from CO to BO edge,
    78 (100)” / 198 (254)cm wingspan length.
    Measurements taken after blocking.

    Fingering weight

    Small Size
    MC - 330yds / 302m (dark gray)
    CC - 320yds / 293m (light gray)
    Border Color - 250yds / 229m (teal)

    Use the same MC & CC until you reach the final border for a Small 3-skein size.

    Large Size
    MC - Approximately 430yds / 393m total
    CC - Approximately 410yds / 375m total
    Border Color - Approximately 600yds / m total using 2 colors striped. Use 1 skein for each color in the Border.

    Approximately 350g total required to knit the Large Size. If you are knitting a multi-colored version, I recommend gathering at least 500-600g of yarn so you have many color options to choose.

    47? US 5 / 3.75mm circular

    Tapestry needle

    20 sts & 36 rows = 4” / 10cm in garter stitch

    These pertain to the large size only.

    10. Triangle Lace - Large Size Only
    Row Count after Row 29: 533 sts
    Row Count after Row 30: 535 sts

    11. Border - Large Size Only
    Row 1 (RS): Using MC, k3, yo, k3, (k5, M1L) to last 9 sts, k6, yo, k3. 641 sts.

    Row count after Row 2: 643 sts

    Row 3 (RS): Using CC, k3, yo, k18, pm, *k2tog 4 times, (yo, k1) 8 times, k2tog 4 times, repeat from * to last 22 sts, pm, k19, yo, k3. 645 sts.

    Row count after Row 4: 647 sts
    Row count after Row 5: 649 sts
    Row count after Row 6: 651 sts
    Row count after Row 7: 653 sts
    Row count after Row 8: 655 sts
    Row count after Row 9: 657 sts
    Row count after Row 10: 659 sts

    Repeat Rows 7-10 9 more times. 731 sts.

    Row 3 Errata to be corrected, remaining errata notes are corrected on the current PDF (corrected July 30, 2018).

  • Small Size
    Undercover Otter Squirm Sock
    MC - Amsterdamned
    CC - Plan 9
    Border Color - Lobstrocity

    Large Size 
    10 colors of fingering weight yarns and lace weight mohair/silk
    Color A - Silver Gray (La Bien Aimée Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere)
    Color B - Green (Qing Fibre Merino Singles Moss)
    Color C - Speckled Gold (Qing Fibre Merino Singles Embers)
    Color D - Dark Purple
    Color E - Dusty Pink (Qing Fibre Merino Singles Dust)
    Color F - Turquoise (CaMaRose Yaku 1221 Himmelbla)
    Color G - Gold Mohair/Silk (Isager Mohair Silk 63 Oak)
    Color H - Navy Blue (CaMaRose Yaku 1710 Somandsbla)
    Color I - Light Orange Sherbet
    Color J - Light Peach with Speckles (La Bien Aimée Merino Singles Péche Mignon)

    Use a full 100g skein for Colors D & J since they require between 70-85g each for the border and other sections. The rest of the colors require less than 40g each so you can use smaller amounts of yarn. I love adding lace weight mohair/silk for 1 or 2 of the colors. Mohair/Silk yarns add extra drape and fuzzy texture to the fabric.

    Use these color notes to help with color placement for the 10-color Large Size sample. You can of course use your colors in any order that you like.

    Large Size Sections

    1. Garter Stitch - A & B
    2. Seed Stitch - C & D
    3. Knit ’n Slide - E & F
    4. Brioche - B & G
    5. Triangle Lace - H & A
    6. Garter Stitch - D & F
    7. Seed Stitch - C & E
    8. Knit ’n Slide- H & G
    9. Brioche - A & I
    10. Triangle Lace - B & F
    11. Wavy Border - J & D